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Hi, I'm Thilo and currently studying computer science at TU Darmstadt. In my free time, I spend time developing or researching things in IT, playing french-horn or drums, making electronic music, DJ / VJing, doing sports, and maintaining some event and media projects.


gbmoncli & gbmonui

A CLI to control your Gigabyte monitor via a USB connection. There is also a GUI available, named gbmonui.

Nixcon 2020

For the 2020 iteration of Nixcon, I created a new design for the conference website as well as providing the frontend implementation with reusable UI components.


For the WeVsVirus Hackathon, me and two other people design a survey app to help people improve their behavior during the pandemic. The main focus was to keep the app simple and easy to use while having a clean and modern design.
Web Design

CCC Darmstadt

In 2019, the website of Chaos Computer Club Darmstadt received a completely new design while preserving the underlying structure. The main focus was to keep the site simple and lightweight while achieving a modern and usable design.

Crowdcontrol Network (WIP)

While blockchains and card games are nothing new to the world, Crowdcontrol tries to achieve a combination of both. This led to a need for a playful and usable frontend which helps people get into the game. Additionally, a custom backend is used to store user secrets safely.
Web Design


A management system for live streams which is meant to be used to moderate live streams and keeping the amount of chat messages readable and structured.


What the shell?!

A talk about the shell, what it is, how it works, and how to use it.

Make it Static!

A beginner's talk about static websites, how to create or switch to them while maintaining your current workflow, and the pros and cons of each.
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